Package jpaul.DataStructs

Data structures for program analysis and not only.


Interface Summary
CollectionFactory<E> CollectionFactory is a collection-specific instance of the factory pattern.
Factory<T> Factory for the factory pattern.
Relation.EntryVisitor<Key,Value> Relation.EntryVisitor is a wrapper for a function that is called on a relation entry of the form <key,value>.
WorkSet<T> WorkSet is an ordered set-like data structure.

Class Summary
ArrayIterator<T> ArrayIterator is a read-only iterator over an array of elements.
ArraySet<T> ArraySet is an immutable, array-backed set.
BijMap<A,B> BijMap
DSUtil DSUtil is a wrapper for commonly used data-structure utilities.
ImmutableCompoundIterable<A,B> ImmutableCompoundIterable allows the construction of an IMMUTABLE Iterable by merging several smaller Iterables.
MapFactory<K,V> MapFactory is a map-specific instance of the factory pattern.
MapFacts MapFacts contains several common map factories.
MapFacts.HashMapFactory<K,V> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use MapFacts.hash() instead.
MapFacts.TreeMapFactory<K,V> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use MapFacts.tree(Comparator) instead.
MapSetRelation<K,V> MapSetRelation is an implementation of the Relation interface based on a Map from keys to Sets of values.
MapWithDefault<K,V> MapWithDefault is a map that returns default values for unassigned keys.
MapWrapper<K,V> MapWrapper is a map backed by another map.
NoCompTreeMap<K,V> NoCompTreeMap is tree map that does not require any used-defined Comparator.
NonIterableMap<K,V> NonIterableMap is a very simple association map that CANNOT be traversed.
NonIterableSet<T> NonIterableSet is a very simple set that CANNOT be traversed.
Pair<A,B> Pair is an immutable pair of two values.
Relation<K,V> Relation is a binary relation, accepting one to many and many to one mappings.
Relation3<Ta,Tb,Tc> Relation3 models a simple ternary relation.
Relation3MapRelImpl<Ta,Tb,Tc> Relation3MapRelImpl is a simple implementation of Relation3, backed by a Map from Ta keys to RelationTb,Tc between Tb and Tc.
RelationFactory<K,V> RelationFactory is a relation-specific instance of the factory pattern.
RelFacts RelFacts contains common relation factories.
RelFacts.COWRelationFactory<K,V> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use RelFacts.cow(RelationFactory) instead.
RelFacts.MapSetRelationFactory<K,V> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use RelFacts.mapSet() or RelFacts.mapSet(MapFactory,SetFactory) instead.
ReverseListIterator<E> ReverseListIterator takes a List and produces a ListIterator that traverses the list in reverse order.
ReverseListView<E> ReverseViewList is an immutable, reverse view of a List.
SetFactory<T> SetFactory is a set-instance of the factory pattern.
SetFacts SetFacts contains common set factories.
SetFacts.COWSetFactory<E> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use SetFacts.cow(SetFactory) instead.
SetFacts.HashSetFactory<E> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use SetFacts.hash() instead.
SetFacts.TreeSetFactory<E> Deprecated. As of jpaul 2.2, use SetFacts.tree(Comparator) instead.
UnionFind<E> UnionFind is a datastructure for performing unification and lookup operations.
VerboseWorkSet<T> VerboseWorkSet - Debugging wrapper for a WorkSet.
WorkList<T> WorkList is a WorkSet with FIFO order.
WorkPriorityQueue<T> WorkPriorityQueue is a WorkSet whose elements are extracted in the increasing order of their priorities.
WorkQueue<T> WorkQueue
WorkStack<T> WorkStack is a WorkSet with LIFO order.

Exception Summary
InterruptTraversalException InterruptTraversalException is a special exception for prematurely terminating the traversal of a data structure.

Package jpaul.DataStructs Description

Data structures for program analysis and not only. Here is a brief overview:

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