Package jpaul.Misc

Miscellaneous useful classes.


Interface Summary
Action<T> Action is a wrapper for a void returning method.

Class Summary
ActionPredicate<T> ActionPredicate is a combination of an Action and a Predicate.
BoolMCell BoolMCell is a mutable cell with boolean content.
CachedFunction<TArg,TRes> CachedFunction is a caching wrapper around a (presumably pure) function.
Debug Debug contains some simple debugging methods.
EqualityPredicate<T> EqualityPredicate is a simple predicate that checks equality with a reference element.
Function<TArg,TRes> Function is a wrapper around a function that takes a TArg and returns a TRes.
IdentityWrapper<T> IdentityWrapper is useful when you want to assign some information to each object, not to each class of equal objects.
IdFunction<T> IdFunction - identity function
IntMCell IntMCell is a mutable cell with integer content.
LongMCell LongMCell is a mutable cell with long content.
MCell<T> MCell is a mutable cell with content of type T.
Predicate<T> Predicate wraps a boolean predicate.
SetMembership<T> SetMembership is a predicate that checks whether an element is member of a specific set.
UComp<T> UComp is an universal comparator, which compares any two objecs by simply comparing their string representation.

Package jpaul.Misc Description

Miscellaneous useful classes.

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