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public interface BiDiNavigator<Vertex>
extends ForwardNavigator<Vertex>

The BiDiNavigator interface allows graph algorithms to detect (and use) the arcs from and to a certain vertex. This allows the use of many graph algorithms (eg construction of strongly connected components) even for very general graphs where the arcs model only a subtle semantic relation (eg caller-callee) that is not directly stored in the structure of the vertices.

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Method Summary
 java.util.List<Vertex> prev(Vertex vertex)
          Returns the predecessors of vertex.
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java.util.List<Vertex> prev(Vertex vertex)
Returns the predecessors of vertex. Returns a list (instead of a set) in order to support graphs and graph algorithms that care about the order of the out-going arcs; e.g., consider an IF node in a control-flow-graph: usually, the first outgoing arc is the TRUE branch, while the second is the FALSE branch.

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