Class LabeledDiGraph.LabeledBiDiNavigator<Vertex,Label>

  extended by jpaul.Graphs.LabeledDiGraph.LabeledForwardNavigator<Vertex,Label>
      extended by jpaul.Graphs.LabeledDiGraph.LabeledBiDiNavigator<Vertex,Label>
All Implemented Interfaces:
BiDiNavigator<Vertex>, ForwardNavigator<Vertex>
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class LabeledDiGraph.LabeledBiDiNavigator<Vertex,Label>
extends LabeledDiGraph.LabeledForwardNavigator<Vertex,Label>
implements BiDiNavigator<Vertex>

Bidirectional iterator into a labeled graph. Each labeled navigator is also a normal navigator: we just strip the labels off the arcs.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  java.util.List<Pair<Vertex,Label>> lprev(Vertex v)
          Returns the list of the arcs that enter into the vertex v.
 java.util.List<Vertex> prev(Vertex v)
          Returns the predecessors of vertex.
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Constructor Detail


public LabeledDiGraph.LabeledBiDiNavigator()
Method Detail


public abstract java.util.List<Pair<Vertex,Label>> lprev(Vertex v)
Returns the list of the arcs that enter into the vertex v. Each arc is modeled as a pair of the source vertex and the arc label.


public java.util.List<Vertex> prev(Vertex v)
Description copied from interface: BiDiNavigator
Returns the predecessors of vertex. Returns a list (instead of a set) in order to support graphs and graph algorithms that care about the order of the out-going arcs; e.g., consider an IF node in a control-flow-graph: usually, the first outgoing arc is the TRUE branch, while the second is the FALSE branch.

Specified by:
prev in interface BiDiNavigator<Vertex>

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